Event Management

Because they are "in the industry" they are kept up to date with any news regarding new or updated venues, accommodation, events.

What is an event management company?

An event management company has extensive knowledge of venues, accommodation providers, speakers and travel providers. They know where to find the best venue to suit your needs, something that you may spend hours searching for... often without success.

Because they are "in the industry" they are kept up to date with any news regarding new or updated venues, accommodation or events.

Why use an event management company?

Why should we consider using Event Dynamics?

With the extensive experience of our team, we know where to find the best venues, accommodation, speakers and entertainment to meet your requirements.

Is it more expensive to use an event management company?

Often it proves more cost effective to hire an event management company. They have access to a diverse and extensive range of suppliers to make your event a success, allowing you valuable extra time to focus on the content required for the event. Often one of your biggest costs will be the time it takes to find suppliers, Event Management companies are able to offer comprehensive solutions to your event requirements through their network of venues, accommodation providers etc.

Why can event management companies offer services cheaper than I can obtain from the suppliers?

Event Management companies are in constant contact with hotels, AV companies, speakers and entertainment. The sheer number of events booked allows them to obtain preferential or discounted rates for services. By using an event management company you will not have the surprise of hidden costs that can be incurred when you are not familiar with event organisation, for example, labour, transportation and telecommunications costs.

How does Event Dynamics make its income?

All financial arrangements entered into are transparent.   A full budget is confirmed in writing before the event planning is undertaken. Event Dynamics receives income from a number of sources including hotels, airlines, rental car operators and others . All income is "placed against" your costs and reduces your overall expenditure.



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